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2017 counts as NIVEA’s year of indulgence and every new product will be infused with luxurious ingredients and fragrances.

A couple of days ago, myself and other beauty bloggers & editors got to spend the day with NIVEA, indulging in new products and a delicious culinary experience in a beautiful setting.

On the day, our taste buds were tantalized by guest chef, Siba Mtongana, a dynamic food enthusiast who has brought style and charisma to the South African television food scene. Every meal that she had prepared represented some of the new NIVEA products that will be coming soon – which I will be sharing with you when the time comes but for now all I can say is;

Prepare to be indulged by NIVEA

Images by: Quintin Mills Photography


  1. Tracee Tracee

    I’m looking forward to it! Please do share!! I can’t wait.

    • mphoxx mphoxx

      Will Do! Keep an eye for a lot of posts this year 🙂

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